Recent Graduations

New events around Oregon will be posted as graduations occur. Please submit your information so we can share that Drug Courts Work!

Lane County Graduates 10 participants Friday, October 28th, 2016

7 graduates are shown with Judge Rooke-Ley and the honorable Darryl Larson. Judge Larson started Lane County’s Drug Court 22 years ago.


Paul Solomon, Director of the Sponsors program in Lane County was there to celebrate and honor the graduates. He provides transitional housing services in Lane County to participants and people transitioning out of prison.


DTC Graduation2 Oct 2015  DTC Graduation Oct 2015
Linn County graduates 4 participants on October 12, 2015.
Our male participant started his work search through a temp agency holding a sign on the street and later was offered full time employment through that agency. His goal is to move out of community housing into his own place, which he has never had before. One of his 1 year goals is to be able to go to DisneyLand.

Another participant had her Kindergarten aged daughter returned to her after a year (The child had been in the custodial guardianship with her grandmother). She became employed for a non-profit agency and is now looking towards a degree in counseling so she can work and serve others through that organization, Teen Challenge, Inc.

The 3rd participant found full-time gainful employment with a local company who makes dog tags. She has learned to program the engravers, operate them and is continuing to learn all aspects of the on-line business. She hopes to return to her field of work as a CNA and to become a hospice volunteer.

Our fourth graduate gave birth to her clean and sober baby girl on August 11th. She became employed full-time until she took her leave of absence for the birth of her baby. She has now returned to work part-time and is enrolled full time at the University of Phoenix on-line.